Archive Article – Vlog Of The Week: “Tess Watson”

First published 15/04/12

Hi everyone,

Well, after a busy week getting back into the swing of things following my trip to London and a little procrastinating (Is that a well used word in the Book Blogger community or what?), here I am with another in my series, “Vlog Of The Week”.

This week’s featured vlogger is Tess who is one of my regular Twitter Buddies and blogs under the tag “TheTessMWatson“.

Tess’s genre of choice is primarily YA, but she is also a bit of a romantic at heart liking so her favourite YA sub-genres are Paranormal, Dystopian and Contemporary.

When asked about her favourite books, Tess found this a little hard to answer because she’s such an avid reader and she admitted that she could go on for days on this subject.  However, she did mention a few that were of interest to her including “When Destiny Strikes” by Heather M. White, “Blood Like Poison” by M. Leighton, “Ethereal” by Addison Moore and “Pride and Prejuidice” by Jane Austen.

Tess’s favourite types of literary characters are female heroines and “hot guys” (her words, not mine), however she did single two out in particular.

The first is Miracle from “Fragile” because although her life sucks, she tries to look for the best within people.  Also because Miracle is very sick, she tries to make every moment count.

The second character that she likes is Gee who is created by Abbi Glines.  The reason for this selection is  that she admits that she can seem cheeky and sarcastic.

Tess was a reluctant reader when she was younger, but after she was persuaded to read the “Twilight” series of books, she fell in love with reading and has become a serious book addict.  Her book blogging history started from doing a personal blog, which she rarely posted on.  However, this changed when she met some of her favourite Indie authors.  From this, she decided to use her blog as an opportunity to promote self-published authors.

If you want to find out more about Tess, please follow this link to her blog, “My Pathway To Books“.  She is also available on Goodreads and Twitter.

Right, enough procrastinating… back into reading “Catching Fire”.

Happy Reading!!!


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