Archive Article – Vlog Of The Week: Catriona of “LittleBookOwl”

First published 29/04/12

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another in the regular series of “Vlog Of The Week” articles.  This week’s featured vlogger is Catriona who posts vlogs as “LittleBookOwl”.

Catriona’s favourite genre is YA, but she’s more specifically into dystopian, high fantasy, historical fiction and contemporary, but only if there’s humour within it.  She also says, “I also love a really emotional book, if a book can make my bawl my eyes out, I’m in love.”

Her favourite individual books include:

– “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak

– “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

– “Divergent” by Veronica Roth

– “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer

– “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern

– “Lola and the Boy Next Door” by Stephanie Perkins

When asked about her favourite type of character, Catriona replied, “I love a strong, bad-ass heroine who knows how to kick some serious butt. And doesn’t completely rely on another character to breathe. ”

Her favourite individual characters are:

Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games” – “She’s awesome and can use a bow and arrow. And her romantic interests don’t completely overthrow the story.”

Lola Nolan from “Lola and the Boy Next Door” – “Surprisingly, I love a contemporary character whose story revolves around a boy! What I love about Lola is her spunk and attitude. She is quirky and funny, and her choice in boys went from epic fail, to perfection.”

Tris Prior from “Divergent”  (Remember lovely readers, not so long until the release of “Insurgent”) – “Another ass-kicking heroine with great taste in guys. She makes some very tough decisions, and puts herself in dangerous positions to protect others.”

Cinder from “Cinder” – “Cyborg. Need any more explanation? Well if you do, I love Cinder because she is so compassionate and caring, even after being treated so harshly by her stepmother.”

Reading has been a part of Catriona’s life since early age.  She said, “During the early years of school, when students has required reading, I was always one of the kids who whizzed through the picture books and actually enjoyed it.

“Even when I went through phases where I didn’t read anything for months on end, I was constantly surrounded by them. My entire family loves to read, and during my childhood someone was always reading or re-reading one of the Harry Potter books.”

Catriona started blogging late in 2011 after she decided that she wanted to get into reading all of the time.  Catriona said this of her way into blogging, “I wanted to discover more books and see what others in the world recommended, so took to the Internet to find out more. I stumbled upon a book review on YouTube and soon discovered the online book community.”

The “Little Book Owl” vlog has a partner blog which can be found here.  In addition to this, Catriona also has a Goodreads account, a Tumblr feed and can be contacted through the phenomenon that is Twitter.

In addition to her very busy blogging and vlogging schedule, Catriona has kindly accepted my invitaton to tell readers of the blog what her “Desert Island Books” would be.  So if you’d like to find out which eight books she would like to be stranded on a desert island with, keep popping back to read the blog.

A big thank you to Catriona for taking the time out to take part in this article.

Happy Reading!!!



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