Archive Article – Desert Island Books with “Kaseyrxrd”

First published 02/06/12

Hi everyone


Welcome to another of my series of “Desert Island Books”.


This week’s shipwrecked person is Kasey from the kaseyrxrd YouTube channel.  Without further ado, I’m going to turn my blog over to Kasey to briefly run through of her Desert Island Books.


“First off, I would like to have two of my favorite books, 1984 and Slaughterhoue-Five, because I would not mind reading them over and over again.


“And then I would want really long books that I have been meaning to read, like The Stand and It by Stephen King, as well as Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Those should last me a good while.


“Then, I would throw in some non-fiction, probably a biography of David Bowie and one of Truman Capote.


“Last but not least, I would like to have a copy of The Lord of the Rings because it reminds me of my husband.


“My luxury item would be my iPod (I hope that counts) since I don’t think I could live without music.”


There you have it, Kasey’s selection for the books that she’d like to be stuck on a desert island with.  If you’d like to see her videos, please check out her channel using the link above.


If you’d like to be involved with either “Vlog Of The Week”, please message me using the comments or send me a tweet.


Happy Reading!!!


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