Archive Article – Desert Island Books with “Supagurl Heather”

First published 19/05/12

Hi everyone,


Hope your weekend’s going well and you’re either reading loads of books or watching loads of films.


This week, I’ll be handing over control of the good ship “Resolution Corner” to Heather from “Supagurl Books” to say which eight books and one luxury item she’d like to be stranded on a Desert Island with.



“Nevermore” by Kelly Creagh – “Why?  I completely get lost in this world and LOVE it so much.  I couldn’t be stranded somewhere without it!!!”


“Obsidian” by Jennifer Armentrout – “Two words… DAEMON BLACK!!!”


“Lover Unbound” by J. R. Ward – “One word… Vishous!!!  I love all of ‘The Black Dagger Brotherhood’ books, but this one… *sigh*”


“Significance” by Shelly Crane – “Why?  She has my title for ‘Queen of Swoon’ and this book delivers that I love everything about it!!”


“Twilight” by Stephenie Meyers – ” Why?  Because this is my ‘Got me into reading YA’ book and I can read it over and over, and well… you get it.”


“Existence” by Abbi Glines – “I couldn’t do without Dank Walker… I don’t think you should either.”


“Bone Crossed” (“Mercedes Thompson” series) by Patricia Briggs – “Mercy Rocks!  This is one of those that has it all in the supernatural world.”


“Shadow Fever” by Karen Marie Moning – “BARRONS… No really… Barrons.  Other than this story is chock full of amazing action, suspense and it has the epic man Barrons.”



“My one luxury item would have to be… a hammock because I can build shelter and stuff, but I need a comfy reading/sleeping place!!!”



I’d like to thank Heather for taking the time out of her busy schedule to take part in this posting.  Please head over to her blog and check it out.


If you’d like to take part in either “Desert Island Books” or “Vlog Of The Week”, please feel free to tweet me.


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