Archive Article – Vlog Of The Week: “FAFiction”

First published 30/06/12

Hi everyone,

And it’s a return of that old favourite “Vlog Of The Week”, back from its little holibobs and ready to promote a vlogger who promotes the wonderful world of books.

Well, for this week it’s a case of seven for the price of one as I’m going to give a shout out to the vloggers who make up a new channel called Fanatical About Fiction.

I was introduced to this channel by Lauren (a.k.a. Captain Biscuits) of the “Northern Plunder” blog, who, alongside Nia, also of Northern Plunder, Eli from the “Eli To The Nth” blog, Kayla from the “Bengal Reads” blog, Celine from the “Nyx Book Reviews” blog, Rachel and Megan, host this channel devoted to all things bookish.

Unfortunately, it isn’t feasible for me to put an example of each vloggers work on this post.  All I ask is please give this channel a try and follow the link.

If you would like to take part in either “Vlog Of The Week” or “Desert Island Books”, please contact me on Twitter.

Happy Reading!!!


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