Archive Article – Vlog Of The Week: “Sablecaught”

First published 27/05/12

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the second of two “Vlog Of The Week” postings and this one is for the SableCaught channel hosted by the fantastic Stevie.

I’ve been watching Stevie’s postings pretty much from when I got into reading again, so this is very much a belated thank you for some of the books that now fill my Kindle.

So, I’ll hand the blog over to Stevie.

What’s your favourite book genre?

“Well I love to read very widely, most of the  time I am happy to pick up a book of any genre as long as it comes highly  recommended, with that said I definitely have a preference. If I’m looking  through a book shop, if I really am choosing with an eye to an enjoyable read I  will generally go for fantasy. Because hey, what could possibly make a book  better than adding some dragons.”

What are your favourite individual books?

“OH SO MANY! *calms* Ok, well definitely The  Immortals Quartet, The Song of the Lioness Quartet and the Circle of Magic  Quartet by Tamora Pierce, they are really my perfect fantasy stories. Harry  Potter of course, I would simple spend my life reading them over and over again  if I could. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, is just a fantastically  original story, and also The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson, a very young  book but it was like my Harry Potter before Harry Potter was around. Oh and  finally Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series (the new instalment of which comes  out in July!). This series is so clever, and so funny and full of so many book  injokes, its just unbeatable. …honestly this is me being restrained in my book  choices : P”

Who are your favourite literary characters… and why?

“One of my favourite characters of all time is  Daine from Tamora Pierce’s The Immortal’s Quartet. To start off with she has the  best magical power you could possible have, she can talk to and turn into  animals, but as well as that she just seems to make every choice in ever  situation that I would make. Reading her adventures I could so easily slot into  the stories because I identified with her so much.”

What got you into reading?

“Well I have always been a reader, for as long as  I could remember reading was my domain. In primary school I was very much the  odd one out, I didn’t really have friends and sitting with Harry Potter books or  His Dark Materials, these were my refuges come break or lunch time. In secondary  school I had great friends, friends I made through books. I had such an amazing  group of people surrounding me and I swear I met them all in a combination of  the library flooding and queuing up for the 5th Harry Potter book. I thank books  for helping me find these people who are so important in my life, as well as  thanking these people for introducing me to some of the books which are my  favourites.”

How did you get into vlogging?

“For a few years now I’ve been watching youtubers  such as The Vlogbrothers, Charlieissocoollike and Elmify, and watching them I  was constantly overcome with an urge to create video like they did, to put  myself out there and interact with all these people who made the internet their  home. It took me a few years but in 2011 I finally took out a camera and filmed  some thoughts. It was inevitable that my videos would be about books because  books are really what make up my life.

“And a year later I’m really having fun with it.  It’s amazing that people actually watch what I produce and its so much fun the  conversations you end up having and the friends you end up making through doing  this. I’m looking forwards to another year of book reading and video  making.”

If you’d like to see more of Stevie’s vlog postings, and they are enjoyable,  check out her channel.


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