Archive Article – Vlog Of The Week: “SweetestJana”

First published 08/04/12

Hello faithful readers and lovely Blog Travellers,

It’s time for another in the “Vlog Of The Week” series where I give a shout out to someone within the Booktubing community.  This shout out is for Jana, a.k.a. SweetestJana, who hosts the “That Artsy Reader Girl” blog site and is one of the regular contributors to “The Broke and The Bookish” blog site.  Jana became a follower of my site from the early days, got me involved in my first Book Tag and has since become a good friend who has given me advice on some reads that are on my “To Buy” list.

Jana admits to having quite a wide range of reading tastes, but her favourite genres are YA fiction (contemporary romance, dystopia and paranormal to name but a few sub-genres), Chick Lit, Romance – as long as it’s clean, and Mystery/Thriller.  She is, however, currently gravitating more towards YA and contemporary adult fiction.

Her all-time favourite books are “Wanderlove” by Kirsten Hubbard (please bring this one out on Kindle in the UK), “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins, “Incarnate” by Jodie Meadows, “Austenland” by Shannon Hale, and “Nocturne” by Syrie James.

Her favourite authors are Mary Higgins-Clark, Stephanie Perkins, Maggie Stiefvater, Suzanne Collins (yayyyyy), Lisa Mangum, Syrie James, and Lynn Kurland.

Although she gets very attached to the majority of the characters she reads about, Jana’s favourite book characters are:

Sam from “Incarnate” because he’s smart, talented, and mature, plus he’s caring and considerate.

Rowan from “Wanderlove”, who’s a bit of a reformed bad boy, plus he’s got the travel bug and is bookish.

Cinder from “Cinder” because she sticks up for herself when it matters.  (Jana also said that she wishes that she is a lot more like Cinder in the fact because she’s got her head on straight

Michael from “Nocturne” because he’s intelligent, well read, musically inclined, sensitive, strong and he loves animals… plus the fact that he’s a 260 year-old vampire.

If you’d like to see more of Jana’s vlog postings, her YouTube page can be found here.

She’s also on Twitter and Goodreads, whilst you can tap on the page titles to link up to “That Artsy Reader Girl” and “The Broke and The Bookish” pages.

If you’d like your book or film related vlogs promoting on my blog, please get in touch with me.

So, for now best wishes and Happy Reading!!!


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