Archive Article – Vlog Of The Week: “xObsessedReaderx”

First published 12/02/12

Hi everyone.  I hope that you’re enjoying your weekend.

I wanted to have a little change of pace for this week’s “Vlog Of The Week” following the busy week I’ve had. (It was like waiting for a bus – nothing happens for a while and then blog postings came all at once… phew!!!)

Anyway, this week’s vlog is from “xObsessedReaderx” who is an established Book-Tuber within the YouTube community.  The vlog I’ve selected is one of her vlogs from last year that gives advice to new Book-Tubers as to how to establish a Subscriber base and how you should present your vlogs.  It’s very interesting and you can pick up some tips from there if you’re a blogger or a vlogger.

The link to her channel is here and the accompanying blog that she refers to can be found here.

So, Happy Reading and I hope to see you then.


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