Showcase Sunday/Letterbox Love/Stacking The Shelves/Bought, Borrowed & Bagged

Originally published 26/01/13


Showcase Sunday is a meme hosted by Vicky over at the Book, Biscuits and Tea blog to let readers know what book related items have come our way.


Letterbox Love is a meme hosted by Lynsey over at Narratively Speaking and this meme has a British feel to it.
I’ve opted to use the logo designed by Faye over at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts rather than the “official” one because I’m a sucker for old fashioned red postboxes.




The Stacking The Shelves meme hosted by Tynga at Tynga’s Reviews to promote the books that we’re adding to our shelves.





Finally, the most recent meme of this nature that has come to my attention is the Bought, Borrowed & Bagged meme hosted by Cimarron and Braine over at the Talk Supe blog and so I will be participating as part of this meme in addition to the three others that I’ve been taking part in.

Hello there lovely Bibliophiles

After a week where there were no books on the menu, I got back into the swing of the whole book buying lark with a small purchase thanks to some cheap releases and some freebies this week.

Purchased Books

Bright Young Things


“Bright Young Things” by Scarlett Thomas

I attempted to read “The End of Mr Y” when it was released back in 2006, but ran out of steam.  I spotted “Bright Young Things” on Amazon for 20p and with the interesting premise of six twenty-somethings being trapped on an island, I decided to give this book a whirl.



How to Save a Life


“How To Save A Life” by Sara Zarr

I’ve been tracking this book for a while after I saw it on a lot of blogs.  The price tag of £1.99 made this another great purchase.



Tales From the Secret Annexe


“Anne Frank’s Tales From The Secret Annexe” by Anne Frank

I already have “The Diary of a Young Girl” that I am looking to re-read before I go to The Netherlands later in the year.  I spotted this book for 99p as part of the “Kindle  Books for £2.99 or Less” promotion and I am looking forward to reading Anne’s lesser known works, including an unfinished novel.



The King's Speech


“The King’s Speech” by Mark Logue and Peter Conradi

I enjoyed the cinematic and theatrical versions of the story of the professional relationship, and later friendship, between King George VI and his speech therapist, Lionel Logue.


I already had the paperback version of this book, but I decided to get the Kindle version as it was on sale for £1.19.




Free Books

Talisman of El (Talisman of El, #1)


“Talisman Of El” by Alecia Stone

I don’t really know too much about this book, but there was a limited promotion where people could get this book for free through Amazon, so I decided to give this book a try.





“The Mayor of Montebello” by Revel Barker

This was an impulse freebie which I decided to get due to the beautiful cover and the Mediterranean setting for the story.



So, those are my books for this week.  Please, as always, leave your comments below as I like to hear of books to add to my library.


Happy Reading!!!


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