An apology

Hi everyone,

Well, there’s no dressing this up, I have an apology to make.

I have had a bit of a reading slump as of late and with it, a bit of a reviewing slump (apart from some reviews for my friend Mendy at the “Hot Cute Girly Geek” site).  I’ve tried to fathom it out, but I have to admit that I’m stumped.

Anyhow, after putting another “mile on the clock” over the last weekend, I realised that blogging is like exercising.  A case of the longer you leave it between sessions at the gym, the more painful the exercise becomes.  (NOTE TO SELF: Get my backside back to the gym).

So, I’ll look to get back in the habit, but please bear with me as I’m a little rusty and they may not be the most fantastic blog posts that have been written.

Sorry for it being “a long time between drinks”, best wishes and thanks for being understanding.



One thought on “An apology

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