An Olympic Tale – The Story of a Games Maker London 2012 by Marion Cox

From Goodreads:

An Olympic Tale – The Story of a Games Maker London 2012 – is a journey that fell into place with no original plan or formula, and just came from a desire to go to the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Determined to be first in the queue for Opening Ceremony tickets, and probably alongside many others with similar ambitions, I attempted to get tickets. This sounds simple but in reality it turned out to be a task that was harder than it first seemed and led to me becoming a Games Maker.

I went through the interview process and the Games with individuals who shared my life with me for a few hours and then moved on. These many separate experiences are all part of one collective that sits within my memory and step by step went on to build the Games Maker that I became.

‘At the selection interview I was confronted with what looked like a Wax Works exhibition. The area was empty of people apart for individuals in uniform standing motionless with clipboards. Then suddenly, as though I had broken some invisible sensor the first Wax Work volunteer sprang to life and blocked my way and spoke to me.’

The tale is peppered with anecdotes that led me to turn left or right or go straight-on when confronted with the crossroads of life.

Thank you for reading this introduction and I hope you enjoy reading the account of one Games Maker.

I, along with a lot of people in the UK, had mixed feelings about the Olympics and Paralympics. Was it going to live up to the promise of when we won the bid? Were the people who didn’t get tickets (including myself) going to feel the euphoria that everyone else did?

The answer was definitely “Yes”.

Although the athletes, along with their support teams, in numerous disciplines were “front and centre” to the success of these Games, the people who really kept the cogs turning were the Games Makers, the security staff and the Armed Forces Personnel.

This e-book tells the story of one such Games Maker who, although born from the initial desire to get into the Opening ceremony (as did the whole of the UK and their respective partners and household pets (didn’t want to single out canines)), was instrumental to the success of the London 2012 Games.

Ms Cox details the careful application and selection process for the Games Makers, in her case as a T1/T2 driver, along with the commitment and benefits involved with their participation in such an event. In the wrong hands, this could be a bit of a dry subject. However, the author’s enthusiasm drives home (literally, in her case) the determination for an event like the Olympics to succeed, along with light hearted moments which provide an insight as to why the Olympics were, and will continue to be, so special for the respective hosting nations.

There are some spelling errors within the book which required me to re-read some passages a couple of times, but they did not hinder or ruin my enjoyment.

A fantastic personal account of London 2012.


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