Beating The Slump or “How I stopped worrying and loved my DNF”

Hi everyone,

Well, a few weeks ago I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been experiencing a bit of a reading slump that I thought had got through following my recent birthday.  Seems like I was wrong with due to my recent experiences with a book.

Yep, I was reading “Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore”.  It started off nicely and then I hit a reading version of what athletes call “The Wall”.  Work life made reading difficult enough as I would be okay enough to read before work, but it felt like a chore, like eating your greens or cleaning the house.  Equally, real life made reading all the more difficult as I wanted to have an escape from life with the minimum of effort.

But the biggest problem was that I wasn’t getting the enjoyment from my choice of book that I thought I would, despite it being set in a bookstore and from some sense of needing to read a varied selection of books along with feeling conscious that I was falling behind with my reading challenge for 2013, I persevered with “Mr Penumbra”.

Then, late last week I got chatting with my good friend Jana from “That Artsy Reader Girl” site (please check her site out if you haven’t already).  She helped me to realise why I got into reading… for fun rather than as a sense of obligation… and that it isn’t a sign of defeat to “DNF” a book.  So, I took her advice to “DNF” and metaphorically tossed the book away (not in the style of Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook”, I hasten to add), started with a new book and looking to enjoy my reading again.

To round off, a plea for some advice on behalf of slumpers everywhere.  How do you get over a reading slump and do you  have any reading suggestions to help beat the slump?  As always, please leave your comments below.

PS – Following my previous slump post, I have got my backside back to the gym.


6 thoughts on “Beating The Slump or “How I stopped worrying and loved my DNF”

  1. I finally learned to embrace the DNF this year. I powered through some really awful books before deciding that my time was worth more than a bad book. I don’t LOVE DNFing a book, but I’ll do it. (Ooh, that sounds all threatening!)

    Great post!

    • I understand what you mean. You feel like you have some sort of duty to a person you haven’t met… and you’re unlikely to meet… to power on with a book.

      I’m just glad that I have friends, such as you and Jana, to put it into some sense of perspective.


  2. For me it depends on the book, if it is something fandom related, I continue reading, but if a book really çan’t hold my attention, I set it aside. Sometimes I pick it up again at another point in time. For me, if I’m in a reading / writing slump. I just take some time off. Escpecially writing. I like to think that my muse is having a couple of days/weeks off and just wait for her to come back. And sometimes I need to pick something different to read to go back to my original interest. But I definitly DNF books (although I know the ‘guilty’ feeling it can sometimes create) but then I realise it’s ok to not love everything you read.

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