Book Review – “North Pole High: Beginnings” (Author: Candace Jane Kringle)

North Pole High: Beginnings

From Goodreads:

Trouble seems to follow Rudy Tutti from every school he gets kicked out of. Caught by the principal with an illicit substance, his latest expulsion gets him more than he bargained for when the only high school left that will accept him is in the North Pole.

A brilliant young penguin living in the South Pole has big dreams. His life is changed forever when he is picked to be the personal chef to Santa Claus.

The blossoming romance between a teenage Kris Kringle and the girl of his dreams is interrupted by an apocalyptic outbreak of zombie elves.

Discover the magical backstories of how Rudy, Chefy, and Mrs. Claus ended up in the North Pole in this collection of short origin stories of characters from North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus, the critically-acclaimed memoir by Santa’s daughter, Candace Jane Kringle. Contains additional Christmassy bonus material!

For kids from 12 to 92.


Candace (Candycane) Kringle is back with a follow up to last year’s “North Pole High” memoir , “A Rebel Without A Claus”.

In a difference in format from the original memoir, this book focuses on three people who have told their own origin stories – “Bad Boy” Rudy Tutti, the Kringles’ family chef, the seven foot tall Chefy and Candace’s mother, Mrs Kringle.

Each origin tale is different as you get the story behind Rudy’s move to the North Pole, how Chefy impressed Santa and his soft spot for a certain ingredient and how a zombie apocalypse threatened the North Pole.

This collection had the sweetness and humour of the original book and althpugh it took me a couple of days to reaf, it was due to pauses in my reading schedule over the last weekend. I would estimate that it’ll take a good couple of hours based on the time count on my Kindle app.

I do have one suggestion for anyone who plans to read this book. Please read the original book first before reading this collection. The reason for this is that some elements of this collection could act as spoilers (even though there is a chapter from “A Rebel Without A Claus” at the end of the book).

A nice collection for the festive season.

Rating: 4/5


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