Happy New Year

Hi faithful readers and curious visitors,

Well, the time has come round again to start packing the Festive Season out of our minds and look to moving forward into a New Year.

Unfortunately, 2013 was a bit of a failure on the reading front and I didn’t make my 2013 target… To be brutally frank, I was nowhere near my target.

My blogging was also in fits and starts from what it was in 2012.  For me, blogging is kind of like exercising.  You have to do it regularly or you start getting the thoughts of  “It’s too much bother!!!” or “Why am I doing this???”, along with a lack of willingness to contribute to other people’s blogs through things like commenting and general participation.  What could have been seen by apathy was down to various reasons – a lack of buying capacity of new books, trying to find a balance between real life and blog life, plus that which can be known as “personal stuff”.

These issues, along with the fact that I found it necessary to change from Blogger to WordPress, has made it look like I’ve done very little and to a certain extent that’s true.  All I can do is apologise for the lack of interaction with other bloggers and I’ll seek to rectify this in 2014.

As you’ll probably notice, there’s been a couple of changes to the blog.  This is for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it’s inevitable that people stop blogging or vlogging for whatever reason.  (Trust me, I know, I was in that space a few times this year).  As a result, I’ve made a couple of amendments to the blogroll on the right.

Secondly, I’m having technical difficulties with Goodreads.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to access the main site at present from any of my techy kit.  I can still use the Goodreads Android app, and I will still make contributions there so people can still contact me there, as well as on the blog and through Twitter.

Unfortunately, I can’t set up a 2014 reading challenge yet until my technical issues have been resolved, so in the meantime, I have managed to set up a Progress Bar chart for 2014 for my reading thanks to some guidance from the Stacking Pennies blog.  It’ll be a little more fiddly, but in the absence of Goodreads (which was playing up for me throughout 2013), this is better than nothing.  I have set myself a personal goal of 40 books again for this year and I hope to achieve this aim.


So, I’m done now with bashing myself about things that are going wrong and things I haven’t done.  What about 2014?  Well, I have a few plans that I can talk about now, and probably some that will only come into fruition over the year.

  • So, as I said above, I plan to read forty books this year.
  • I hope to see more films this year.  Cinema is one of my passions, and what’s the point of paying a monthly fee if I don’t go.
  • Likewise, the gym.  I pay £20 per month for the privilege, so I’m looking to use it more.
  • There is at least one theatre trip planned to take place in a couple of weeks to see WarHorse, but those of you who know me will know that I will aim to see more plays throughout the year.
  • On the vacation side of things.  It’ll likely be that I will be taking shorter breaks – but I do have at least three planned for this year, mainly to tie in with athletics events with a trip to Sheffield next month, one to Manchester in May and one in August that will take in London for a couple of days before travelling to Birmingham for the athletics Grand Prix.


In addition to the above, I’ll look to continue my contributing role at the Hot Cute Girly Geek blog in my as resident Whovian starting with a review of Matt Smith’s last episode, “The Time Of The Doctor”, which will be posted later today.


If you’ve stuck with me through this year, a very big Thank You.  I know that I haven’t been the most attentive of blog hosts, but I hope to fix that this year.

If you’re a new follower, again, a very big Thank You.  It’ll be lovely to see you around the place as the more people who reads this blog, the greater the incentive to get my backside moving and do some reading and blogging.


Happy New Year to you all and best wishes to you for 2014.



One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Give me a shout when you’re Manchester way 🙂 Perhaps I could give you some bookish/alcohol-related tips on places to go!?

    40 books is an excellent goal for 2014. Frankly, with life, work, etc getting in the way, I simply don’t read quickly enough for my reviewing/blogging/personal needs but, ah well! I can’t pressurise myself too much. Putting pressure on ourselves isn’t going to push things in the right direction. The big 40 is the way to go.

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