Book Haul – Christmas 2013 Haul (Part Two)

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Hi everyone

Book Hauls are like buses, none come for a while and then three within two weeks.  Yep, I’m finishing off the last of my Amazon voucher to buy some more Kindle Books (which is nicely timed with some fantastic price reductions and recommendations).

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

“The Ocean At The End Of The Lane” by Neil Gaiman

I managed to snag this book on Kindle for less than £1.  A bargain!!!

My friend Mendy managed to meet Mr Gaiman himself at a signing session for this book in Rotterdam last August.  Please check out her blog post.


The Rosie Project


“The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion

I found out about this book last week through a Review of the Year at “Backlist Books” who had some lovely stuff to say about my haul last week.  By a strange coincidence, the author appeared on the BBC News last week to promote the book.  Needless to say, I became more curious about this book and decided to give it a try.


Winter Town

“Wintertown” by Steve Emond

I found out about this book through a Top 5 Winter Reads post by Ariel Bissett.  (Please check out her YouTube channel).

When I saw the description on Amazon of “Garden State meets Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist”, I decided to give this book a try.  (Especially when I found out about the “Graphic Novel” element of this book.


Geekhood: Mission Improbable

“Geekhood: Mission Improbable” by Andy Robb

I found out about the original “Geekhood” book through the sisterspooky blog and I enjoyed it whilst I was on holiday in Turkey in 2012.

Once I heard about this sequel, I put it on my Wish List, but could only afford to get it thanks to my voucher.  (Plus it’s been recommended in sisterspooky’s Top Ten for last year, which is recommendation enough for me).


Red Ink

“Red Ink” by Julie Mayhew

I don’t know why I was drawn to this book when I saw it last year in Waterstones, but I decided to buy it as part of my Christmas haul.


The Girl in the Wall

“The Girl In The Wall” by Daphne Benedis-Grab

I saw this book in a haul post last year and placed it on my Wish List.  Only problem was that the price for the Kindle version was over £12.

Wind forward in time to this morning to see that it had been reduced to just over £1.  Needless to say, I bought this book whilst it was still a bargain.


And that’s my haul done for this week.  Please leave your comments and haul links below and I’ll try my best to look through them.

Have a great weekend.




53 thoughts on “Book Haul – Christmas 2013 Haul (Part Two)

    • Hi Meredith

      I stumbled upon The Girl In The Wall through a blog post last year. The Kindle version was priced over £12, so I had to wait until the price was reduced.

      As for the Neil Gaiman books, I have to credit my friend Mendy for getting me into his books (alongside two brilliant stories for “Doctor Who”).

  1. The Ocean wasn’t one of my favourite Gaiman books, but a lot of people have really loved it, so I hope you do, too!

    I’ve seen The Rosie Project around so many blogs, but I still have no idea what it’s about. 😀

  2. The Ocean at the End of the Lane sounds amazing! I’ve heard nothing but great things about it so I hope it lives up to all of the hype. The Rosie Project sounds like it’s going to be such a cute read.
    Great haul! Happy reading 🙂

  3. Great haul! I’ve been wanting to read The Ocean at the End of the Lane for quite some time now. Your post made me double check Amazon and I just got it on my Kindle for £0.99, can’t wait to read it. Thanks for that 🙂 I hope you enjoy all your books 🙂 My STS.

    • Thank you. It seems that this book is receiving a huge following. I was very surprised to get it as cheap as I did so soon after the initial release.

      After Neverwhere and Neil’s episodes for Doctor Who, I’m looking forward to reading this book. 🙂

  4. I’ve been meaning to read The Ocean at the End of the Lane for ages! I started listening to the audiobook but decided I needed to read it myself. I ADORE the cover and have never seen it before. 🙂 Happy reading!

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