Book Haul – 5 April 2014

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Hi everyone,

I do seem to be apologising for a lack of activity as of late quite a bit.  Suffice it to say that real life still impinges on my reading although I’ve managed a little more as of late.  Anyway, even though I have upcoming personal commitments I decided to treat myself to some bargain Kindle books.

“Valerie: The Autobiography” by Valerie Adams with Phil Gifford

As a fan of athletics, I was excited to see Valerie compete and win at the shot put in the Anniversary Games last July.  I was even more excited to bump into her after the event (Yep, even 41 year olds like me can get a little star struck).

I’ve had my eye on this book for a while but it was a little too pricey to buy up until earlier this month, so when it came down in price… by quite a lot… I decided to buy it before it went up in price.


“The Perfect Distance: Ovett & Coe: The Record Breaking Rivalry” by Pat Butcher

After seeing the 2012 Olympics, it was a bit strange to think back to the 1980 Games in Moscow.  As an eight year old, it was the first time that I had heard of the word “Boycott” (well, apart from it being the surname of the England cricketer, Geoffrey Boycott) and I hadn’t recalled that Great Britain didn’t run under the Union flag.  Instead, our athletes participated under the Olympic flag.  Just think… no “Red, White amd Blue”, no “God Save The Queen”.

There were still the iconic athletes, however – 100m winner Alan Wells, decathlete Daley Thompson, swimmers Duncan Goodhew and Sharon Davies and judo’s Neil Adams.  But. the most iconic pair of athletes were the middle distance runners Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett.  After reading Coe’s autobiography last year, I really wanted to know more about Coe and Ovett’s rivalry, so I’m really looking forward to reading this book.


“Trackman” by Catriona Child

Now, this is where athletics and reading comes together in a strange way.  I found out about this book through the author’s sister, Scotland athletics captain Eilidh Child.  (Yep, I’m a big fan of Eilidh’s as well and, yes, I was excited to meet her as well).

As somebody who likes music and appreciates that music can help people, the premise of the story of a man who helps people through music sounds like an interesting one and this is another book that I’m itching to read.  (Amongst all the others that I keep saying that I’m “itching to read”).


“Doctor Who: Harvest of Time” by Alastair Reynolds

Continuing the trend set that was set by Michael Moorcock’s “The Coming Of The Terraphiles”, this book is written Arthur C. Clarke award shorlisted novelist Alastair Reynolds.

This story is set during the era of the Third Doctor as portrayed by Jon Pertwee.  Whilst Pertwee’s Doctor was fantastic, he was at his finest when facing off against the Master as portrayed by Roger Delgado.  This book has all the ingredients for a cracker – the Doctor, the Master, UNIT and an alien threat that forces the two adversaries to form an alliance.  Pretty much “Business As Usual” for the Pertwee era.



“Doctor Who (Time Trips): Salt of the Earth” by Trudi Canavan

I have seen plenty of Trudi Canavan’s fantasy novels in the bookstores and had heard a degree of excitement when she was announced as a writer for this series of “Doctor Who” short stories.  This story is, again, set in the era of the Third Doctor, this time travelling to Australia in the year 2028 with his assistant Jo Grant as portrayed by Katy Manning.


“Doctor Who (Time Trips): Keeping up with the Joneses” by Nick Harkaway

Another from the “Time Trips” short stories range.  This time it’s the Tenth Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant who takes the lead in this novel.  The story sounds intruiging with the TARDIS enveloping an entire town following a misadventure which leads to a threat to the entire universe.


“Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore” by Justin Richards, George Mann, Paul Finch and Mark Morris

This anthology of stories takes place during the events depicted in the last story to feature Matt Smith as the Doctor, “The Time Of The Doctor”.

With a 900 year gap in the Doctor’s history to play with, this book is set within four time periods within this 900 years where the town of Christmas, under the protection of the Doctor, is attacked by differing foes – the Nestene Intelligence and their Auton footsoldiers who featured in “Spearhead From Space” (1970), “Terror Of The Autons” (1971) and “Rose” (2005), the Krynoids who featured in the 1976 story “The Seeds of Doom”, the Ice Warriors who have appeared in numerous stories including last year’s “Cold War” and the Mara entity which featured in 1982’s “Kinda” and 1983’s “Snakedance”.

I loved “The Time Of The Doctor”, particularly Matt Smith’s performance in his last story, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the book’s release since it was announced in “Doctor Who Magazine”.


And that’s it for me this week.  Due to finances, it could be a while until I do another haul, but I’ll try my best to keep up with my reading alongside the “real life stuff”.  That said, I’d still love to hear your comments about my haul and see links to your hauls, so please leave your comments in the comments box below.


14 thoughts on “Book Haul – 5 April 2014

    • There’s a lot of books out there and what’s interesting is that there are more authors who you wouldn’t normally associate with writing for “Who” – especially with the new “Time Trips” series.

      I would recommend Jenny Colgan’s novel “Dark Horizons” as a primer for books like this because she gets Matt Smith’s interpretation of the Doctor bang on.

      Thanks for visiting.

    • I don’t know where you get the idea that I’m a Doctor Who fan. (Ha ha).

      I liked Dark Horizon a lot. I wish the one that she did for the Time Trips range was a full novel as it had some real potential to tell more on the Doctor/Clara relationship especially in the lead up to “The Time Of The Doctor”.

      I hope she gets the chance to do some more, maybe with the other Doctors.

      Thanks for visiting.

    • Thanks. I’ve got a little behind with buying Doctor Who books, but I wanted to take advantage of the cheaper e-books.

      I hope that the next Douglas Adams/Gareth Roberts novelization “City of Death” gets an e-book release, because I have loved that story since I first saw it in 1979 and I want to see how it translates into book form.

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