New Rating Systems

Hi everyone,

This is just a little bit of “housekeeping” before I post my next review.

I’ve decided to change the Rating Systems on my reviews.  The reasons are two fold – firstly, I thought the 1 to 5 scale was a little woolly when providing a description on how I felt on something and, secondly, as a consequence, I thought that if I felt the ratings were woolly then it wouldn’t make for a good review.

As a result, I’m going to be a little more clear with my ratings and they’re pretty much “does what it says on the tin”.  Here is my new system, along with the meanings.



Buy It –  I really enjoyed the book and from my experience I would suggest buying the book.

Try It – A bit 50/50 and would suggest either waiting for the book to come down in price or going to your local library.

Avoid It – Didn’t like it and can’t recommend.



Get in the Queue – Try to get to see it as soon as possible at the cinema.

Wait A While – Still go to the cinema, but wait until the fuss has died down.

For a Night In – Home viewing.

Avoid It – Didn’t like it and can’t recommend.


As currently on this blog, I won’t be attaching a rating to theatre productions because any performance is a “one off” and what may happen with one performance may not occur with another.


I will put a caveat with this system in that it’s my personal opinion and, as such, it’s individual to my experience.  (A case of “one man’s meat being another man’s poison”).



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