Book Haul – Week commencing 2 February 2014

Hi everyone,

After making a slightly slower start than I really wanted to with my reading for this year, mainly due to the fact that my eyesight has changed requiring me to wear varifocal glasses for the first time (age, it comes to us all), I am glad to get back into my reading with a little more enthusiasm than last year.  I hope it continues.


Since the last haul, I’ve bought two books – one physical and one e-book – from the last pennies from my Christmas vouchers which I’m going to share with you today.


Physical Books

Paula: My Story So Far

“Paula: My Story So Far” by Paula Radcliffe

This was an absolute bargain costing me one penny (apart from the postage and packing) through Amazon Marketplace.

I bought this book for a few reasons.  Firstly, even though she’s a British sporting icon, I know very little about Paula Radcliffe beyond the fact that she’s the current world record holder for the marathon, that she’s won the London Marathon, that she provides athletics commentary for the BBC and her stance against cheating in athletics, so I wanted to know more about her career – especially for the second reason that I bought this book.

The forthcoming London Marathon will be Paula’s last and although she is not classed among the elite competition, it will be good to see her compete in this last marathon and finish her career on her terms.

Finally, Paula is encouraging women to take part in the forthcoming Great Manchester Run in May (the same 10 kilometre run that I did last year) and it’s great to see that she’s looking to inspire people to take part in this event.



Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)

“Throne Of Glass” by Sarah J. Maas

This e-book has been on my “To Buy” list for a couple of years, but there has been the problem of “too many e-books, not enough money”.

Finally though, a review from Heather from the “Heather’s Book Review” YouTube channel put up a persuasive case for me to spend the very last of my Christmas voucher money (59p) on this book.  Thank you, Heather.


Please feel free to leave your comments and links to hauls and I hope to be back soon with a book review.


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